Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette

New Students

We ask all new students to complete a Registration and Waiver Form before taking a class.

Shoes and Belongings

Please remove your shoes and leave your personal belongings in the entry space upon entering the studio. You may bring your purse or wallet into the studio room if desired.

Yoga Mats

You may bring your mat; however, we offer complimentary mats to students who may need one. After you use one of our mats, please wipe them down with the available wipes. For students who bring their mats, consider putting your name in a permanent black marker on the front edge of your mat.

Cell Phone Use

Please turn off or mute your cell phone upon entering the studio.

Late Arrivals or Leaving Early

If you arrive late or must leave class early, please take a spot closest to the door to allow minimal distraction. Please let your instructor know in advance that you will be going early.

Peace and Tranquility Reign

Please speak quietly in the studio and respect those who wish to be quiet before the practice begins. If you are late, please enter the studio quietly not to disrupt other students.

Hands-On Instruction

Instructors may provide hands-on adjustments to help you find freedom and benefit in your poses. If you are uncomfortable with this, please advise your instructor before class.

Studio Facilities

We have a bathroom and changing space available for your convenience.

Personal Care

No perfumes and lotions before class since creams may make the skin slippery and difficult to hold positions. Some students and instructors may also have allergies that heavy perfumes aggravate.

Be Considerate

Honor each other and the studio; please take care to tidy up after yourself and be conscious of the shared use of the studio space. If you notice any uncleanliness that needs addressing, please inform CLHA staff, and we will address it promptly.