Central Lakes Healing Arts opened in January of 2008 in the Brainerd Lakes Area. In March 2020, CLHA moved to the new studio location at Black Arrow Martial Arts to offer a variety of yoga classes and additional massage opportunities. CLHA is focused on providing quality work with simple, safe and consistent approaches to therapeutic massage and yoga instruction.

Massage Therapy

After receiving certification in 2001 from The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Matthew Rohr opened Rohr Myotherapy in Brainerd. Matthew continued to hone his massage therapy skills in local spas and chiropractic clinics which led to expertise in the practice of deep tissue therapeutic massage.

Massage therapy offers relief when other pain management fails and is an excellent choice for people who simply want to feel better. Regular massage therapy combined with a balanced healthy lifestyle helps positively impact ones health. By paying close attention to the body, these highly effective treatments relieve a variety of ailments and allow the body to heal efficiently.

Yoga Instruction

We work to create an inviting space and employ knowledgable staff to assist students wanting to make Yoga a more integral part of their life.

Central Lakes Healing Arts operates recurring Yoga classes enabling you to be consistent in your practice. Schedules times are varied allowing classes to fit your needs. After years of refining skills and a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body, we are confident you will feel the benefits of Yoga no matter your fitness level.

We look forward to assisting you on your path to wellness!

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Therapeutic Massage Services

Over the last  17 years Matthews massage services have benefited pro athletes, executives, medical professionals, veterans, business owners, people with physically demanding jobs, and all others seeking relief.

Symptom relief includes chronic headache sufferers, TMJ, hip injuries, rotator cuff, back pain, neck tension, numbness, sleeplessness, and people with high stress lifestyles enabling them to  function at the optimal physical level.

This work is unique. A whole picture of the needs of the person; the activity level, diet, stress, goals and desires are necessary to create positive, long lasting relief. Sometimes intense, these treatments create long term positive change in an efficient manner.

Why is there pain with bodywork?

Pain is present to protect the body from further injury and to let you know that something is wrong.  Deep tissue techniques get into the areas where pain is present and restore balance to the region at the source.
Pain is caused from many places and for many reasons. Sometimes we feel pain in one area and the cause is from somewhere else. How massage discovers the sources of pain is by addressing imbalance in the tissue, reduced mobility in the joints and the bodies resistance to stretch. All of this effort to understand the bodies needs creates road maps to healing.

Most clients experience relief from both chronic and sub-acute pain within the first two treatments. By four treatments a clearer understanding of the long term benefits of the work will be known. Each person is unique and results do vary.  Some people prefer to get regular treatments as a way of preventive maintenance with great success. Others use the service to address certain specific issues.

Call 218-232-5156 to schedule your session. Begin the path to better health, with reduced pain and tension in your body.


Massage Price Options

CLHA offers in studio and outside studio therapeutic massage options. All massage services are subject to current state and local sales tax unless service is referred by physician.

In Studio Massage

1/2 hour session: $60
1 hour session: $100
1 1/2 hour session: $135

Prepaid Massage Punch Card

10 hour massage punch card: $850 (Save $150!)

Outside Studio

Based on a per hour rate: of $120/hour

Class Descriptions


IntRo Level Classes (All Levels Welcome!)

Beginner-friendly yoga moves designed to help you foster proper breathing, restore body alignment and strengthen the core. Find flexibility and strength with simple, yet effective yoga poses. Blocks, straps and blankets are provided for modifications if needed.

Advanced Level Classes (Previous CLHA Yoga Experience Recommended)

Continuing from Intro to Yoga, this class is for CLHA students who have an understanding of their personal strengths and limits and are ready to increase the depth of their practice.

Yoga Price Options

Yoga Price Options

Individual Options

Drop in class: $20

Five hour Punch Card: $90 ($18/class)

Ten hour Punch Card: $150 ($15/class)

Twenty hour Punch Card : $225 ($11.25/class)

Forty hour Punch Card : $400 ($10/class)

*All punch card options are non refundable but do not expire