Therapeutic Massage Services

For over 20 years, Matthews massage services have benefited pro athletes, executives, medical professionals, veterans, business owners, people with physically demanding jobs, and others seeking relief.

Symptom relief includes chronic headache sufferers, TMJ, hip injuries, rotator cuff, back pain, neck tension, numbness, sleeplessness, and people with high-stress lifestyles, enabling them to function at their optimal physical level.

This work is specialized. A whole picture of the person’s needs, activity level, diet, stress, goals, and desires are necessary to create positive, long-lasting relief. Sometimes intense, these treatments make long-term positive change efficiently.

Why is there pain with bodywork?

Pain is present to protect the body from further injury and tell you something is wrong. Deep tissue techniques get into the areas where the pain is present and restore balance to the region at the source.

Pain is caused in many places and for many reasons. Sometimes we feel pain in one area, and the cause is from somewhere else. Massage discovers the sources of pain by addressing the imbalance in the tissue, reduced joint mobility, and the body’s resistance to stretch. This effort to understand the body’s needs may sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it creates road maps for healing.

Most clients experience chronic and sub-acute pain relief within the first two treatments. With four treatments, we will better understand the long-term benefits of massage therapy and how it will benefit you. Each person is unique, and results do vary. Some people prefer regular preventive maintenance treatments with great success, while others use the service to address specific issues.

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